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Storm Weathered

When I saw this photo on my Facebook feed, I got very depressed. Then when I saw this picture, I got more depressed. That lake in front of my house is actually a yard and two intersecting streets. I thought, "Well, that's that. At least we have flood insurance." I wondered if we would be able to salvage any of the furniture -- maybe the TV sets and the stuff in the kitchen cabinets. If... Read more →

Aw Crap.

This could be interesting. Image from, with my annotation Sandy is battering Eastern Florida even as I type. This morning many of the models were sending the storm past the mid-Atlantic and up into New England. Now? More and more of them show the storm hitting hard right my backyard, late Sunday and all day Monday. In fact, the Weather Channel guy on NBC Nightly News showed the two most likely scenarios. One of... Read more →

I Want A Lozenge, Not A Pep Talk

I have been known to read self-help books, to listen to inspirational talks, and even to give a motivational speech. Right now I have a cold. I'm achey and stuffed up. My head feels like a blivet. I felt it coming on yesterday evening, so I unwrapped a lozenge to soothe my sore throat. And then I looked at the wrapper. Yes. My lozenge wants to motivate me. I just want to sleep. Read more →

Time for Sunday Stealing

Time for another Sunday Stealing! I always seem to come in on the latter parts of these memes, hence the numbers starting at 15. 15. How would you describe your childhood in general? Pretty happy and free of angst. I had a pretty rough year in eighth grade, though. 16. What is your earliest memory? Pulling into the driveway of the cottage we were renting in Ocean City. I couldn't have been more than four.... Read more →

Strange But True

Once or twice a week Joe works a late shift, which gives me a chance to watch all of the weirdo reality shows that both fascinate and repel me. I catch up on the toddlers in tiaras, I watch bars being rescued, and I listen to ladies say yes to the dress. Right now I'm watching "Taboo", which is featuring segments on female bodybuilders, a woman who has undergone pretty extreme tattooing and piercing and... Read more →

Something Was Fishy

I'm all alone just now. Joe has gone off to work and the kids (Kids. They are not kids. They are grown ass adults.) are off at the Renaissance Festival doing medieval shopping and show attending. Ergo, I am alone, save for the garden cats, who are yelling at me to give them some chow. Shut it, garden cats. You have had plenty of chow already, and I will give some more when I am... Read more →