I Want A Lozenge, Not A Pep Talk
Storm Weathered

Aw Crap.

This could be interesting.

Image from Weather.com, with my annotation

Sandy is battering Eastern Florida even as I type. This morning many of the models were sending the storm past the mid-Atlantic and up into New England.

Now? More and more of them show the storm hitting hard right my backyard, late Sunday and all day Monday.

In fact, the Weather Channel guy on NBC Nightly News showed the two most likely scenarios. One of them has the center of the storm over Manhattan.

The other scenario shows the center of the storm smack dab over Ocean City Maryland. I'm thinking that if they could have honed in on that center it would have been right the hell over my house.

Evidently this has all the makings of a doozy of a storm, with a strong cold front colliding with the tropical air mass of the hurricane. In the worst case scenarios, there will massive snow in the mountains, severe coastal flooding and beach erosion, high winds and widespread power outages, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!!

But seriously, it's gonna be a nervous weekend.