Pull Up Your Goddamn Pants: Escalator Edition
What I Did On My Bonus Day Off

Where I Stand

Every time I try to articulate my feelings about the movement to outlaw abortion, I can't do it. I get too angry, absolutely torqued up, completely livid.

Yes, Representative Akin and his ilk are dangerously misinformed about rape.

Even though his party has had the vapors over his "mis-speaking" and want him to withdraw from the race, they still want to outlaw abortion, in all cases -- rape, incest, health of the woman -- doesn't matter. Once you are pregnant, you forfeit autonomy over your own body.

Abortion became safe and legal in 1973. I became sexually active in 1970. I was gang raped in 1972. So, for three years, regardless of whether I became pregnant from making love with a boy I cared about or from submitting to four rapists who forced me at gunpoint, I would have had to break the law to end that pregnancy.

And, quite possibly, bleed to death like Gerri Santoro. Let's face it; outlawing abortion will, not. stop. abortion. It will only drive it underground. Women will die.

Because I am pro-life, I am pro-choice.