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What I Did On My Bonus Day Off

I had a bonus day off today!

And a good thing too, because I slept not so great last night. Joe was watching Jurassic Park around nine-ish, so I went upstairs to watch Four Weddings. (I know. Shut up.) I saw maybe 15 minutes of the thing, then woke up briefly during an episode of Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta (I know. Shut up.), but Top Gear was on, so I switched to that and fell asleep again. I woke up a few more times and finally got up at 8:00, because I smelled coffee.

Coffee. Ah. You know those Looney Tunes where the aroma smoke wisps drag Bugs (or Daffy or Porky) down to the source of the goodly smells? Well, that's what the smell of freshly brewed coffee does to me.

Because Joe didn't have to be at work until noon, we sat around and ate breakfast and read stuff. After bathing, we switched on the TV.

And that was that for me for the next several hours! Why? All three Naked Gun movies, followed by American Splendor.

I had never seen American Splendor, but I'd read several of the comic books back in the 70s. I was a big consumer of underground comics back then, from Zap to the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers to Harold Hedd. I really enjoyed the movie -- long before blogs, long before reality TV, Harvey Pekar put his life out there through comics. He wrote the stories; comic book artists (including Robert Crumb).

Then I made some brownies, and now the brownie aroma wisps are pulling me toward the kitchen. I think a little quality control is in order.