A Good - No, A Great - Day
Another Sunday Stealing

I Ate, I Edited, I Made A Pie

So, the rest of the week happened; it was not as good as Tuesday, but hey, they can't all be winners. It seemed like I was busy busy busy, but it was mostly meetings and seminar pilots. I actually managed to speak up in the meetings I went to, which is unusual for me as I either cannot think of anything worthwhile to say or I can't muster up enough suck-up-ness to spout off about aligning goals and being "all in" and communicating across the business and crap like that.


Olympics! I watched a lot of them, but I curse NBC for putting the best stuff on late, when I'd already fallen asleep on the sofa. Even so, I love the Olympics. How about that women's water polo team? Wow! The Closing Ceremony is on even as I type, and I am quite enjoying it.

The weekend was quite glorious. We met up with the lovely and talented Deb Siobhan on Saturday morning to have lunch with the equally lovely and talented KarenD, who was in town for the weekend. We had a delightful lunch at Facci, a great Italian bistro, and yakked and had a fine old time.

Joe went to work later that afternoon, so I did too. Well, I didn't actually go into work; I had brought it home. I edited about 50 pages of the most boring ass writing that's ever been boringly written in the annals of boredom. So many people have rewritten, reorganized, or reformatted this stuff  -- I am doing the final copyedit -- that it is impossible to do the work with Word's Track Changes on. In fact, it is almost impossible to do it online at all, so I am actually doing the edit on hardcopy with my trusty red pen. I will then enter it online. It's the only way I can do it and stay sane. I'm still bored as all hell, though.

But enough about that. I just succeeded in boring myself again!

So today we read the paper, got groceries, went for a drive out to Jimmie Cone for ice cream (yum!), stopped at the farm stand for corn and tomatoes, and watch the feral kittens play in the backyard.

I made a peach pie, too!

I admit that I cheated a little bit by using that pre-made pie dough. See, I cannot make pie dough to save my life, so rather than frustrate myself I just use this stuff. It's every bit as good as homemade. YES IT IS, shut up!

I did discover that poaching the peaches and then plopping them in ice water really does make the skins peel right off! It's almost magic! And, we managed to wait three hours for the pie to cool off and thicken up completely. It helped that I roasted some chicken, sliced one of the good tomatoes, and cooked up some of the good corn for dinner.

And now that I think about it, peach pie would probably make an excellent breakfast.