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Hockey in August

Well, okay; it's not really hockey in August. It's a hockey movie in August, courtesy of my Washington Capitals.

The Caps are good to their season-ticket holders; they know we are starving for our sport during the long, hot summer.

So they set up Caps Movie Night for us, consisting of free popcorn, free soda, and a free movie on the Jumbotron. And what better movie for this Olympic year than Miracle, the true story of the 1980 USA Olympic hockey team, who beat the "unbeatable" USSR team to advance and capture the gold?

We arrived at Verizon Center early and grabbed a bite to eat and a beer to drink at the Greene Turtle. We sat at the bar, ordered our Stella and sliders, and then noticed the celebrity sitting across the bar from us.

Yes! There was Rod Langway, the Secretary of Defense! His retired number 5 hangs from the rafters of Verizon Center, and evidently he hangs at the Greene Turtle. (Heh.) I am not the type of person who can go up to folks and introduce myself and ask for a picture or autograph; I'd rather let them enjoy their privacy.

But I am not above snapping a stealth picture.

Photo 1(5)

I figured he might be participating in the event -- I was not wrong! He was signing autographs for the movie crowd. So of course I took my souvenir mini-hockey stick over and Rod graciously signed it. I even made a little small talk.

"We figured we'd let you enjoy your beer at the Turtle," I said lamely.

"I needed it!" he replied with a big smile.

Photo 2(5)

The movie, of course, was great. The Jumbotron had been lowered so that it was at a great level for movie watching. The sound quality, as I expected, was not stellar, but I didn't expect great audio in an arena.

The only distraction was the three-year old boy right in front of us. Of course he couldn't sit still -- he hopped, he climbed up on his seat, he slid down out of his seat, he chattered to Mommy, he squatted on the floor, he waved his mini-hockey stick all around, he said "Hi" to us, he climbed back into his seat, he stood up in his seat, he fell out of his seat, he asked Mommy what the man said, and on and on and on. Finally he whapped the folks sitting in front of him in the head with the stick, and finally Mommy scooped him up and took him out.

Whew! Why do people think that a three-year old will be able to sit still at a two-hour hockey movie??

Be that as it may, we still had a great time.

But we cannot wait for October!

Let's go Caps!!