Stormy Sunday Stealing
I Ate, I Edited, I Made A Pie

A Good - No, A Great - Day

Well, I had a great day today. Here are 10 things that made it great.

1. I got about 10 hours sleep last night, for one thing. That hasn't happened in a really long time. Moreover, I woke up five minutes before the alarm went off, felt rested and awake, and got right up.

2. I had the Harris Teeter version of Lucky Charms for breakfast. I love those marshmallow bits, because I am really eight years old.

3. We got a nice early start, so I got to the Metro station early!

4. Got right on a train AND got my preferred seat -- second row back from the door, right side, window.

5. I finally managed to get a picture of a great piece of urban art. It was a tricky shot, because it's on a wall that's a fair distance from the train and is mostly behind trees, and the train is generally speeding right along at this point. Today, however, the train slowed down shortly before the art came into view, and I managed to get the shot. It really made me irrationally happy, and I'm sure that several folks on the train wondered why I grinning like an idiot.


6. I got to Van Ness Metro in time to catch the shuttle to my building. Nice!

7. Facilitated the first pilot of an instructor-led web course. I was nervous about this, because the two "Train the Trainer" sessions were slightly shaky. I wasn't delivering the content, but I was driving (if you will) the technology by running the slides, monitoring the Chat and Q&A, opening and closing the polls, that sort of thing. It enabled the instructor to concentrate on delivering the content and answering questions. And... it went really really well, better than I hoped!

8. The cafeteria served barbeque chicken for lunch, and it was good.

9. Worked with our Magic Tech Guy and solved a RoboHelp conundrum.

10. And now? Olympics! Come on, you Americans!

Now that I read over this, it doesn't sound like all that. But for me, it was a winner.

Or maybe I'm just nuts.