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A Memory on My Pop's Birthday

Today is my Pop's birthday. He would be 104 years old if he were here.

Once when I was a kid, my Pop took us kids fishing down on the docks in Ocean City. Actually, now that I think about it, we might have rented a small motorboat and gone out fishing in the bay. My Uncle Aitchie came with us.

As we were getting ready to go back to the cottage my family had rented for our stay at the beach, Pop bent over and his pants gave way, ripping right across his backside. Being the practical man that he was, he walked straight from the docks into a shop just off the boardwalk and bought himself a pair of shorts (or maybe even new pants - I can't quite remember), which he tried on, paid for, and wore out of the store.

But just before we got to the store, my Uncle Aitchie said, "Hey Joe, show me that rip in the seat of your pants!"

Pop obliged, and Uncle Aitchie took this picture, which is now hanging in our house in Ocean City.