Happy Fourth!
A Memory on My Pop's Birthday

A Major Award


Hey, I got a Sunshine Award -- twice! Once from the lovely and talented Golf Widow, and once from the lovely and talented Bev.

There are apparently rules attached to this award, to wit:

I must link to the person (people) who gave me the award. Done already! Whew.

I must answer a series of questions, as follows.

  1. Favorite number: 9, because (to get all numerological on you) that's what my birthdate reduces to. It's also The Hermit in the Tarot major arcana, and I like that fellow a lot. My second favorite number is 50, because that's the direct route to Ocean City.
  2. Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Ice cold Coca Cola Classic. I am trying to cut down, because I need to cut down on sugar. Diet Coke, alas, does not even begin to approach the deliciousness of real, actual Coke. No, neither does Coke Zero. And don't get started on Pepsi.
  3. Favorite animal: Cats, of all sizes.
  4. Facebook or Twitter: I used to be pretty much all Twitter, all the time, but I seem to be spending all my time on Facebook lately. The tweets that I tweet these days are automagically tweeted from other apps, like Instagram or Typepad.
  5. My passion: I need to find it again. 
  6. Favorite day of the week: Sunday, because I don't have to work and Joe generally does not have to work either. On the other hand, Saturday is nice because I don't have to work that day or the next day.
  7. Favorite flower: Lilacs. I could bury my face in a blooming lilac bush and be happy.

Finally, I must bestow the Sunshine Award on at least 10 other bloggers, link to them, and let them know that I did so.

Here's where I break the rules, folks. I read a lot of blogs. I can't choose among them, so I am bending the rules. If you're reading this, and you have a blog, you get a Sunshine Award! If you'd like to leave a link in the comments, you just go right ahead.

And thanks, Golf Widow and Bev!