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This and That

In 1937, a gallon of gasoline cost 10 cents -- at least that what the "Finance Fact" on AMC's showing of "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" says.

Now it ranges from $3.57 at the WaWa in Beltsville to $4.05 at the Exxon in northwest DC.

Then again, folks make more money now than they did in 1937. My mom told me that when the Great Depression hit, her salary was cut in half -- from $30 a week to $15.

I'm not going anywhere with this trivia; I just figured it was a way to get an entry started.

Life has been rolling right along here in beautiful Burtonsville.

I have been getting a bit of physical therapy for my neck. For those of you who missed the announcement on Facebook, I have moderately severe degenerative arthritis in my neck, with nerve impingement at C4 on the right side and at C4 and C5 on the left.


Actually, the physical therapy has sort of helped -- at least the exercises seem to give me better range of motion and less pain. I also apply a topical oil that the lovely and talented Danielle (part of the Weetacon tribe) sent to me. It helps, and smells delightful (an added bonus). My neck still aches all the damn time, but at least it's not actively horribly painful. That's good, because I have yet to hear of neck replacement surgery.

I suppose I must mention my Caps early exit from the Stanley Cup playoffs. Ah, me. This is where I haul out my list of "Oh well, at least" comforts rationalizations:

  • We almost didn't even make the playoffs, so any run is a good run.
  • Holtbeast!!
  • We beat the defending Stanley Cup champion Bruins in seven games, knocking them out in the first round.
  • The Penguins -- who many thought would skip their way to the Cup -- got knocked out in the first round.
  • The Flyers -- also a Cup favorite, especially after knocking out the Pens -- well, except they didn't have any decent goaltending -- got knocked out in five games in the second round.
  • We took the Rangers to seven games before we got knocked out.

The list goes on, but I'll stop talking hockey now.

Work has taken a turn for the busier, which is all to the good. The bucket list meeting was fine -- I volunteered my item early in the proceedings so that I didn't have to expound on my "passion". I was toying with the idea of saying "I want to die happy", but thought that put a damper on the proceedings. I also toyed with other snarky ideas but opted for publicizing the same goal I already put into print here: that I would finish The Sequel this year. Then I added "so that <The Overlord> can buy another 20 copies at Christmastime," which got a laugh, which was what I was aiming for.

Always leave 'em laughing, right?