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Pull Up Your Goddamn Pants: Trifecta Edition

They say good things come in threes and I had proof of it last Friday afternoon.

Yes indeedy! In the short walk from the subway station to the bus stop, I was able to photograph not one, not two, but THREE droopy-drawered dudes -- a trifecta of sagitude!

First up, a moderately saggy-pantsed fellow. I think this guy just has pants that are too large for him, as opposed to the guys making bold fashion statements. Then again... well, you be the judge.


Location: Silver Spring Metro, on the way to Bus Bay D
Sag Factor: 5

Next up, a White Rasta Wannabe Vampire Guy. Honestly, it was a very warm afternoon. So I really don't get the knit hat.


Location: Just outside Silver Spring Metro
Sag Factor: 5.75

Finally, a bold fashion statement indeed. I particularly like the hint of colorful underwear; if you look closely, you can see of it through the semi-transparent wifebeater. And the black socks with shower shoes? Classic. That look never goes out of style!


It really is worth a closer look, just so you can see the chic curve of the belt along the cheek line and the contrasting pattern of the underwear versus the camo.


Location: Silver Spring Metro, waiting to cross Wayne Avenue
Sag factor: 8.4