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Empty Bucket

My department is having a "Quarterly Business Review" in a week or so. This is an all-day meeting where each group in the department makes a spiel about how "impactful" they have been. We also get a free lunch, which is usually the highlight of the meeting.

At this upcoming meeting, we all have to share one item from our bucket lists. This activity is, I suppose, meant to inspire and impress and help us all get to know and trust one another.

I do not have a bucket list.

I do not want to have a bucket list.

I have no use for a bucket list.

Don't get me wrong; if you have a bucket list, good for you! I hope you accomplish everything on it and I will applaud you when you do.

I guess I don't want to live by a list. I make enough of them already -- lists of things I have to do at work, lists of things I have to do at home, grocery lists, packing lists, here a list there a list everywhere a list list.

I prefer to discover my joy organically. As my life unfolds, the universe presents opportunities to me and, if they seem interesting or fun, I'll take the universe up on them. I certainly never had "Write A Book" on a list -- I happened to see that some people I followed online were doing this thing called "NaNoWriMo" and I thought it sounds like a good way to get my circus stuff on paper. So I did it.

When I think about it, some of the most fun and enjoyable things that I have done or learned how to do over the years are things that I would never have put on a bucket list. They have all come about by accident, or serendipity, or because something piqued my interest. I've learned or gotten involved in things like origami, or scrapbooking (Shut. Up.), playing ukulele, even juggling because of an invitation, or a suggestion, or just because it sounded interesting.

But I guess I'll have to come up with something for this goddamn meeting.

I know. I'll put "Come up with something" on my bucket list.