All May Skate...Or Not
A Dress that Impressed!


Well, Happy Easter to those who celebrate it!

For us, today was pretty much like any other Sunday.

We haven't really done much for Easter in the past several years. Since SonnyeBoy grew up, we haven't done the usual stuff like dying Easter eggs and assembling baskets and nibbling the ears off chocolate bunnies; because neither of us is particularly religious, we don't go to church.

Instead, we went to lunch. I had a taste for Asian-ish food, so we went to PF Chang's. It was really good, too. I had egg drop soup (a very nice version, not the usual bright yellow stuff (which I love, by the way) but more of a clear broth with egg and veggies) and Mongolian beef with spring onions. Lovely!

And instead of a special Easter dress, new spring coat, fancy hat, and patent leather shoes, I wore yoga pants and a sweatshirt.

Poor Joe is not feeling well -- allergies have been kicking his ass and this afternoon he spiked up a wee fever. I fed him aspirin and tea, and now he is tucked up in bed.

I will likely be joining him right after Game of Thrones.