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All's Well That Ends Well

Today was a throwback to winter -- chilly and rainy and gray. The commute was depressing; the train was crowded and the bus was late. And as soon as I walked into work I found out that the project that I was so careful with and thought I had finished last Wednesday was fucked up. No fault of mine, although the project manager tried her damnedest to deflect her team's woeful communication missteps onto my... Read more →

Safe Milk for Babies

Yesterday's prompt for the April Photo A Day was "bottles," and I knew exactly what I was going to do with that! Here is picture of three old milk bottles, all from a dairy founded by my great-uncles George and Joseph Wise. I gussied up the shot with a sprig of multiflora rose, a weedy but pretty bush that grows in abundance in our neighborhood. The weirdly shaped quart bottle in the back is likely... Read more →

Pull Up Your Gosh-darn Pants: Baby Edition

Last weekend I went to my grandnephew's first birthday! He is a little ball of fire, and evidently quite in tune with the clothing trends for young men. However, his mom was right on top of things and did not allow this Fashion Faux Pas to continue for long. I also decided that, in deference to his baby status, that the title should be G-rated. Hence the "gosh darn." Sag Factor: N/A (Baby! Not responsible!)... Read more →

A Dress that Impressed!

I hardly ever wear dresses, but I love them just the same. A good go-to dress is a must -- it can serve for many occasions, from business-y to dressy-y, from daytime to nighttime. It should flatter and feel good. It should fit well, so that you're not always mussing around with it; you know, pulling at the skirt or fiddling with neckline or adjusting a belt or sash. I now have that dress, thanks... Read more →


Well, Happy Easter to those who celebrate it! For us, today was pretty much like any other Sunday. We haven't really done much for Easter in the past several years. Since SonnyeBoy grew up, we haven't done the usual stuff like dying Easter eggs and assembling baskets and nibbling the ears off chocolate bunnies; because neither of us is particularly religious, we don't go to church. Instead, we went to lunch. I had a taste... Read more →

All May Skate...Or Not

One of the many activities at this year's Weetacon was a trip to the local rolling skating rink, the Rola Rena. I used to be able to roller skate. In fact, I even took lessons once upon a time, at the Congressional Roller Rink in Rockville, Maryland, which has been gone, gone, gone for many many years. Unfortunately, I was never very good at it. Skip ahead about 15 years -- roller skating became quite... Read more →