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All's Well That Ends Well

Today was a throwback to winter -- chilly and rainy and gray. The commute was depressing; the train was crowded and the bus was late.

And as soon as I walked into work I found out that the project that I was so careful with and thought I had finished last Wednesday was fucked up. No fault of mine, although the project manager tried her damnedest to deflect her team's woeful communication missteps onto my team.

Luckily I have a very supportive boss who didn't for an instant think it my fault, and a near-genius technical wizard who could work HTML magic, and a wonderful web services colleague who was did us a huge favor.

And my poor boss! She actually wasn't feeling well and stayed home today, but she took our phone calls and sent emails and we fixed it. We considered three options: the first was the least amount of work but would have screwed our legacy users, the second was a little bit of work but have been irritating for our new users, and the third option was the most work but the best solution for both the legacy and new users.

We chose Option 3, I am happy to say.

The details are not all that important -- the upshot is that we got it done.

But I hate days like this. I was edgy all day, constantly on guard and looking for the tire tracks on my back. Then I had to take the bus home (Joe's working late tonight) and it still spitting rain. So I was worn out and pissed off when I unlocked the door.

And there, on the kitchen table, was this:


Even when he doesn't know he's doing it, Joe makes it all better.

So I got into my jammies, had a nice Healthy Choice dinner, and now? I'm enjoying my just desserts.