Early Spring (and Some Clouds)

You Are Here

Today's Photo-A-Day theme is "sign."

I thought about being creative on this one, but ultimately I just snapped a picture of this helpful piece of user documentation near the Silver Spring Metro stop.


The reason for this sign (and many others like it on the surrounding blocks) is that the county (or maybe the state? I don't know!) is building a brandy-new transit center that will consolidate buses, subway trains, Amtrak trains, MARC trains, bicycles, skateboards, and maybe even scooters!

I kid. But they are building a transit center. It's that gray irregular pentagon on the sign.

Anyway, the construction of this behemoth has caused the bus stops to go all cattywampus and WMATA has had to accommodate the buses on the surrounding streets. They've actually done a pretty good job, including signs like this one.

At least you always know where you are.