Something I Wore
At Least I Saw Stars

Window on Connecticut Avenue

As I mentioned here, I have a very nice cube right next to a long bank of windows. These windows look down on Connecticut Avenue, one of the major thoroughfares in DC. I have a great view of this street, so I can watch people, watch for desirable food trucks, watch motorcades of Important People, watch the weather, and generally stare out into space.

It can be a little noisy, particularly when the occasional motorcade comes through with its police escort or when the more frequent ambulance or cop car screams down the street, but the light is great! I'm going to miss that light.

Coincidentally, the prompt for the Photo-A-Day today is "window", so here you go.


My new cube is also by windows, but I won't have a direct view outside. One of the cube walls will block it. The view is okay -- it's the garden enclave of the main headquarters building. I think, but I don't know, that it will likely be quieter and a little darker; nevertheless, it is a window and I'll still be able to stare out into space. However, my staring will be a tab bit more obvious, since I'll have to get up and stand in the walkway.

Maybe I'll construct a sort of cube periscope for staring purposes.