Five O'Clock At The Clinic
Window on Connecticut Avenue

Something I Wore

Today's Photo-A-Day prompt is "something you wore."

Behold: my favorite shirt in the whole entire world.


It is an Eddie Bauer men's waffle shirt, and it is the softest, most comfortable shirt I own. It is the perfect "loaf around the house and fall asleep on the sofa" shirt. I bought two of these shirts for Joe and SonnyeBoy for Christmas and was so jealous of them that I bought one for myself.

Why did I buy the men's shirt?

Because there was no women's version. For some reason, manufacturers these days believe that women want these short, fitted tops with odd prints all over them. Such is not the case, at least with me. I wanted comfort -- big, sloppy comfort -- and this shirt is IT.

Even better? I got it during the after-holiday sale -- eleven bucks, my friends. Eleven bucks. I wish I'd bought a half dozen.