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Five O'Clock At The Clinic

The March Photo-A-Day prompt for today was 5 pm. Here's my photo: This is my kitchen clock, and yes, I was late. But I was late because I was at the clinic at 5 pm, finally getting my painful neck checked out. I wrote about this back in August. At that point, I called the advice nurse to make an appointment, but the advice talked to doctor, who advised her to advise me to apply... Read more →

Smilin' Joe

The prompt for Day 5 of the March Photo A Day is: Smile. I thought about various arty interpretations of this, but really. The best smiler I know is Joe, so I just came up to him earlier this evening and said, "SMILE!" So he did. As you can see, he has already converted to his summer clean-head and goatee look, as opposed to the wrap-around hair and full beard. And, of course, today the... Read more →

At The Side Of My Bed

I didn't like what was originally on the wee table right beside my bed, so I moved the couple of videotapes and DVDs, swiped the dust away with an old sock, and put this little photo next to the lamp. This is one of my favorite photos of SonnyeBoy. It was taken at a party; he was about two, maybe closer to three. We couldn't find a babysitter so we took him along with us.... Read more →

In My 'Hood

Today's photo prompt is "your neighborhood." We moved into this neighborhood in 1987, right close to SonnyeBoy's sixth birthday. We never meant to stay this long -- it was supposed to be a way station on the way to our "real" home. We bought the place from a floor plan and a look at the lot, watched as it was built, and moved in to a brand new shiny place. We watched the saplings grow... Read more →

A New Wine

We stopped by the local Roots Market this evening to pick up milk. And wine, and beer, and cheese, and brownies. You know, the essentials. I was hoping that the store might have my favorite wine; alas, they did not. They did have another nice wine, a Vin de Jus ice wine from Elk Run winery, but that stuff is 30 bucks a bottle! However cute little Jimmy helped me out. He asked me why... Read more →

In Like a Lamb

Wow, what a beautiful day! It was full of sunshine, light breezes, and 70 degrees -- pretty nice for March 1! Turns out that last month was the fourth warmest February on record for this area; meterological winter (December, January, and February) was the third warmest winter on record. This does not bode particularly well for a nice, dry, cool summer, but I will take it for today and be glad. I managed to complete... Read more →