Early Spring (and Some Clouds)
Pull Up Your Goddamn Pants: Rainbow Brite Edition

It's Just Not Spring Without A Little Bronchitis

Sorry for the gap in updating on the Photo-A-Day deal, but I have an excuse.

Another bout of bronchitis.

I started feeling symptoms on Wednesday, but chalked it up to allergies. (Spring has not just sprung around here; it has exploded, with the accompanying uptick in tree pollen.) Thursday I started coughing a bit. Friday I started wheezing, and I knew it wasn't allergies at all. I have been through this before, and I know bronchitis when I get it nowadays.

So I spent three and a half hours of St. Patrick's Day in the urgent care center, snorting and hacking and wheezing. It was very dainty and ladylike.

The doctor finally finally finally came in and said, "I've been listening to you coughing for awhile -- what's going on?" And I explained everything, and he peered down my throat and peeked in my ears and looked up my nose and listened to my rattley chest, and said, "You need a nebulizer treatment, and I'm prescibing a Z-pack, and an inhaler, and some cough syrup to help you sleep."

So I waited a while, and the nurse came in with the nebulizer treatment, which made me feel quite speedy indeedy. And then I waited a while, and the doctor came back and listened to my chest again, and then said he'd be back with the paperwork and I could pick up the scrips at the pharmacy. And then I waited a while, and he came back with the paperwork. And then I went to the pharmacy and waited a while, and finally finally finally left with all the requisite drugs.

But before this exciting adventure, Joe and I went to lunch for St. Patrick's Day. Joe had a special drink called an "Irish Flag Shot", which consists of one part creme de menthe, one part Bailey's Irish Cream, and one part Grand Marnier orange liqueur. Made correctly, it looks like the Irish flag (duh). And this is what it looks like when it's been drunk, and there's only a wee bit o' creme de menthe left in the bottom of the glass -- a good shot for today's Photo-A-Day theme of (what else) "green".