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Today's photo prompt is "your neighborhood." We moved into this neighborhood in 1987, right close to SonnyeBoy's sixth birthday. We never meant to stay this long -- it was supposed to be a way station on the way to our "real" home.

We bought the place from a floor plan and a look at the lot, watched as it was built, and moved in to a brand new shiny place. We watched the saplings grow into actual trees, seen all of our neighbors move in, raise kids, and move out. We are the only original owners left in our little court.

The house came with a set of tiny bushes and a baby dogwood tree out front. The dogwood died; we replaced it with a nice fir tree that actually grew quite tall. The bushes burst out of control until an ice storm in the middle 90s laid them low; Joe yanked them out, all but one. He cut that one back to the ground and now it's grown all the way back. We learned our lesson and keep it trimmed to a manageable size.

We replaced all of the appliances except the stove. It still works fine, but a couple of the knobs have broken so have to set the oven to broil or bake with a pair of pliers. (Those knobs are expensive!) We've replaced the water heater, the A/C and heating system, and the roof. We've painted, repaired wood trim, and bought new windows for the upstairs.

Furniture has come and gone, gardens cats have been born and grown and struck out on their own, different cars have settled in our parking spaces. We've fought with the Homeowner's Association (aka Garden Police) and walked around the lakes and shoveled snow off the sidewalk and stoop.

We flirted with moving several years ago, but the housing bubble burst and we stayed put.

Somewhere along the line, our wee townhouse became our real home.

Day 3: My neighborhood (on a rainy morning) #marchphotoaday