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The Photo-A-Day theme for today is: Fork.

I took the easy way out:


This serving fork belonged to my mother. It's nice and hefty, and it reminds me of two stories.

Story #1: When I was a little girl, my mother taught me how to set the table in this novel (and outmoded) way. The plate is the home. The front door is on the right of the plate. The spoon is the little girl going off to school. The daddy is the next to leave, going off to work. The mommy stays home in the house, on the left side of the plate.

Well, what can I say. It worked -- at least until I saw a place setting with two forks. Must have been a Mormon place setting.

Story #2: After my parents got married in 1933, they lived on the second floor of my Gramma's house while their house was built next door. (My grandparents gave them the lot as a wedding present.) They'd eat dinner downstairs with Gramma, though. Every month when the rent came due, Gramma would set my Pop's place with two forks.

As my Pop told the story, the first time this happened he asked "Why the two forks?" And Gramma replied, "Fork over."