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Five O'Clock At The Clinic

The March Photo-A-Day prompt for today was 5 pm. Here's my photo:


This is my kitchen clock, and yes, I was late. But I was late because I was at the clinic at 5 pm, finally getting my painful neck checked out.

I wrote about this back in August. At that point, I called the advice nurse to make an appointment, but the advice talked to doctor, who advised her to advise me to apply hot compresses and take the painkillers and muscle relaxants that he prescribed. I did that, but they did not help one whit.

Not one whit. (I've always wanted to say "not one whit"; now I have.)

The Buddhists say that until something is painful enough, you won't change it. Well, my neck pain finally got painful enough, so I called again and this time I made an appointment. The doctor moved my head around and then sent me down to radiology where I had copious x-rays. I hope these x-rays are conclusive, because I will be very upset if I talk to the doctor and he says that nothing is wrong with my neck.

I don't want to be upset, because that just makes my neck hurt more.

Anyway! At 5 pm I was walking out of the clinic to the car, so I took this picture as soon as I got home. So I guess I just missed it by a neck.