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Cover Your Ears -- and Maybe Your Eyes

Today's theme for the March Photo-A-Day is LOUD.

Y'know, hockey is a loud game. The crack of the puck on a stick or of bodies on the boards punctuate the action; the airhorn or siren wail signals a goal or the end of a period. The crowd can be amazingly loud, especially home team crowds when they're cheering on their favorite team, exhorting the skaters to unleash the fury, or hollering at the referee for a bad call on the ice.

We went to a great game today -- the Hockey 4 Hope charity game featuring Capitals alumni such as Peter Bondra, Yvon Labre, and Alan May. The alumni played three full periods against a different opponent each period. First, they played against alumni of the Naval Academy hockey team. Next, they played the hockey team from the US Secret Service. Finally, they played a motley team made up of firefighters and police officers from Prince George's and Howard counties. The Caps alumni won every time!

During the game, we kept a close eye on the progress of the Caps game against the Bruins. When the Caps won, I had a hard time not shouting out loud. (Dare I say that maybe we'll make the playoffs after all? Maybe I daren't. Shhh.)

Anyhow, now we're watching the Flyers-Maple Leafs game on Hockey Night in Canada. I love Hockey NIght in Canada, because the games are good and -- even more -- because it features the inimitable Don Cherry, who is the epitome of loud, both in voice and dress. So I took a picture of him from the TV -- and caught him personifying the theme.