In My 'Hood
Smilin' Joe

At The Side Of My Bed

I didn't like what was originally on the wee table right beside my bed, so I moved the couple of videotapes and DVDs, swiped the dust away with an old sock, and put this little photo next to the lamp.


This is one of my favorite photos of SonnyeBoy. It was taken at a party; he was about two, maybe closer to three. We couldn't find a babysitter so we took him along with us. He had a blast for a couple of hours and then fell asleep in the hostess's bed. (Gotta love the Care Bear jammies.) An old friend took the picture, put it in this cute frame, and gave it to me. I've lost touch with the friend, but luckily I'm still in touch with SonnyeBoy! (Hee.)

His most recent post on Facebook read:

Last night: Make cookies

Yep. I raised him right.