In Like a Lamb
In My 'Hood

A New Wine

We stopped by the local Roots Market this evening to pick up milk.

And wine, and beer, and cheese, and brownies. You know, the essentials.

I was hoping that the store might have my favorite wine; alas, they did not. They did have another nice wine, a Vin de Jus ice wine from Elk Run winery, but that stuff is 30 bucks a bottle! However cute little Jimmy helped me out. He asked me why I like my favorite wine; I told him because it tastes exactly like concord grapes. As we lingered by the ice and dessert wines, he pointed out a chocolate red wine (woo!), but I demurred.

"I can't do reds," I said.

"Oh, why not?" he asked, all innocence.

"They give me hot flashes," I replied, unashamed.

He blushed a little, poor lad, but recovered quickly and said, "Well, that's not good!"

Then he recommended another white, Quattro Mani toh-kai, made entirely from the tocai grape. He told me it tasted like a Granny Smith apple; we shall see!

Joe, meanwhile, selected Skull Splitter, an ale from the Orkney Brewery and a good choice for a raw, rainy night.

I took advantage of the location to take my photo for today -- the theme is "Fruit."

 Day 2: Fruit

I like fruit. I think it's very handy that wine is made from fruit; it makes fruit easy to consume! And right about now, my toh-kai should be nicely chilled.