Catching Up: February Photo a Day
Hunger Moon

Ten AM

41b549fc502b11e19896123138142014_5This photo is my Day 5 shot for the February Photo a Day project. The prompt is 10 am.

I confess -- I cheated a little bit. I did not take this picture at 10 am; I set the hands of the clock to that time.

I inherited this clock from my mom. It originally belonged to my gramma; she received it as a wedding present in 1907. It's a Seth Thomas clock and still keeps very good time as long as it's kept wound up. It also chimes the hour as long as that part is wound up.

When my gramma moved in with us, she kept this clock on top of the piano, where she could see it from her chair. At one point, she got fitted for a hearing aid. As soon as the technician turned it on, she looked up at the clock and exclaimed, "Why, that clock hasn't ticked in years!"

Um, not so much, Gramma!

Oh, and that photo album? My mom got it as a gift from a nice old gent who dated her after my pop died. He was in his 90s; Mom was in her 80s. She liked him well enough and even let him take her on a cruise to Bermuda! She was very clear that the cabin had to have two beds, too. After the cruise, she dumped him. He had had an embarrassing "accident" at one point, and Mom decided she had already spent quite enough time cleaning up after sick old men. But she kept the photo album, and put that picture of her and my pop right on the cover.

Way to go, Mom!