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A Letter to My Mom, from My Pop at War

Valentine's Day, Cool Sites, and Other Randomness

So, Valentine's Day came and went, didn't it?

Joe, that sneak, slipped a card and some Ghiradelli chocolates on the kitchen table while I was in the shower and then went back to bed.

I, therefore, bought his card and a Toblerone after work. When we got home from our super-romantic dinner at a local barbeque joint, I slipped them on the kitchen table while he was communing with the feral cats.

Hah! I can be sneaky too!

Although it appears that I have not been keeping up with the February Photo-A-Day meme, I really have. I just haven't posted all of the pictures here. Instagram doesn't let me share photos with Typepad (or at least I haven't figured out how to do it), but I do share them with Twitter and Facebook. I also put the ones I like best up on Flickr.

Anyway, Instagram is my new favorite picture taking and sharing app. It's immediate, it does all the work for me, and it has fun filters that I always try out but always come back to the same two or three.

I've also fallen for a couple of websites that I hadn't seen before.

Letters of Note and Lists of Note are fascinating. I can hours reading the letters and lists archived on these sites and already have a few favorites.

This one, from a former slave to his former master, blows my mind. On the surface, it is completely respectful, but if you read between the lines, you know that this freed man is pretty much his former owner to go fuck himself sideways.

And this one, from Albert Einstein, pretty much sums up my entire belief system.

As a DC native, Ghosts of DC has particular relevance for me. I love the photographs and the comparisons of then and now. I wish my folks could see it! They would be able to fill in a lot of details, I'm sure.

On the other hand, I have not gotten into Pinterest yet. Oh, I'm signed up, and people are following me, but I have done bubkus on the site. I can't really say why; I just haven't spent enough time on it to get anything going. Maybe this weekend!

Well, this has certainly been a random entry. I'll get more focused later. Maybe.