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Farewell, Cubicle; Hello Cubicle

Wednesday's Photo-A-Day theme was "where you work," so I posted this shot of my cubicle. Several folks commented on Facebook that it was a nice cubicle, as cubicles go -- and they're right. If I have to sit in a cubicle, this one is a very nice one. I've been in this cubicle for a little over a year, but my previous two were very similar. To the right of that plant is a long... Read more →

A Letter to My Mom, from My Pop at War

Today's prompt for the February Photo-A-Day is "Handwriting." When I saw that prompt, I knew exactly what I wanted to post -- this snippet from a letter that my Pop sent to my Mom while he was at sea during World War II. Only one page remains of this letter, but it makes me teary every time I read it. I know Pop's handwriting isn't the most legible, so here is a transcript of the... Read more →

Valentine's Day, Cool Sites, and Other Randomness

So, Valentine's Day came and went, didn't it? Joe, that sneak, slipped a card and some Ghiradelli chocolates on the kitchen table while I was in the shower and then went back to bed. I, therefore, bought his card and a Toblerone after work. When we got home from our super-romantic dinner at a local barbeque joint, I slipped them on the kitchen table while he was communing with the feral cats. Hah! I can... Read more →

Medium Rare, Not Medium Well

Yesterday I did something that I don't normally do, and I was very glad that I did. Joe and I went to a very nice restaurant for a late lunch -- Grillmarx, a fairly new steak joint. I've been jonesing for some prime rib, a treat I don't allow myself very often, and Grillmarx had it. Not only that, they also feature oysters on the half shell, which Joe and I both love. Now here's... Read more →

Pull Up Your Goddamn Pants: Chinatown Edition

One problem with stealth photography is the fact that you oftentimes have to shoot while moving. I saw the subject of this edition of PUYGP on the corner of 7th and G Street, right across from the Chinatown arch. I actually saw him as I was walking down the sidewalk and knew I couldn't let this one get away. I grabbed my phone. Then I had to unlock it, tap the camera app, wait for... Read more →

Hunger Moon

Tonight is the full Hunger Moon. It's apt. February is my least favorite month of the year, and this year we get an extra day of it. And even though it's still the shortest month of the year, it seems like the longest. All of the Christmas lights are down, and even though the daylight last a few minutes longer it still gets dark by six. I'm hungry for spring. Hungry for flowers and green... Read more →

Ten AM

This photo is my Day 5 shot for the February Photo a Day project. The prompt is 10 am. I confess -- I cheated a little bit. I did not take this picture at 10 am; I set the hands of the clock to that time. I inherited this clock from my mom. It originally belonged to my gramma; she received it as a wedding present in 1907. It's a Seth Thomas clock and still... Read more →

Catching Up: February Photo a Day

I've decided -- two days into it -- to participate in the February Photo a Day project. It seems like a fun way to take pictures and maybe, just maybe, spark some creativity in other areas of my life. I must admit that editing software job aids is not doing it for me just now. Sue me. I'll be taking all of the photos with my iPhone, and posting them all over cyberspace: Facebook, Twitter,... Read more →