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Farewell, Cubicle; Hello Cubicle

Wednesday's Photo-A-Day theme was "where you work," so I posted this shot of my cubicle.


Several folks commented on Facebook that it was a nice cubicle, as cubicles go -- and they're right. If I have to sit in a cubicle, this one is a very nice one. I've been in this cubicle for a little over a year, but my previous two were very similar.

To the right of that plant is a long bank of windows, so there is plenty of light. My wee plant has actually survived for -- holy cow! -- five years because of this window placement. The big bank of file drawers on the left also has a tall thin closet, just big enough for a coat and a hockey jersey. You'll notice that I posted a little drawing in the cubicle "window" to provide an illusion of privacy.

I earned this cubicle, dammit. After almost 10 years at the company, I've got the seniority for it, and I have enjoyed it.

However, the Powers have decided that my department should sit in the same building as the rest of the division, so we will be moving up the hill to the main headquarters building. I'm not crazy about this move for several reasons, to wit:

  • The new cubicles are smaller -- some say they lack the closet, but I'm not sure about that.
  • Metro is practically at the door of the present building. The new building is about a half-mile away from Metro. (I realize that this could be a blessing in disguise, as it will force me to walk every day. Hmph.)
  • We are quite spread out in the present building, so it is pretty quiet and private, even in a cubicle. We will be cheek-by-jowl in the new building.
  • Potbelly is here. (On the other hand, McDonald's is close to the other building... ahem.)
  • People tend to dress up more in the new building. I am not a dressy-uppy kind of person.
  • The Powers will be close by, alas.

Oh well. I have already whined about my newly assigned cubicle, as it is far away from the row of windows and very close to the bigwigs in offices. A newly hired contractor, however, was assigned an end cubicle next to the row of windows. Now, there is a tall wall right on the hallway, so you do have to kind of angle your gaze to look out, but still. Windows!

Also, right next to the "door" of the cube are two "look inside the cube" windows, but I'm thinking some nice cafe curtains will take care of that. It's not like the wide-open entrance provides any privacy, after all. Then again, maybe a nice beaded curtain strung across the gap...

Anyway, I want that cubicle, not the one in the middle of the farm right by the bosses. People have been trying to talk me out of it, saying it will be noisy and right in the path of traffic down the hallway, but I do not care. I'll take light over quiet any time; that's why they make noise-canceling headphones.

I've had the big window office with a table and chairs. I'm fine with having a cubicle now. But I also want my window.

Wah, wah, wah. Gimme.