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Ten AM

Catching Up: February Photo a Day

I've decided -- two days into it -- to participate in the February Photo a Day project. It seems like a fun way to take pictures and maybe, just maybe, spark some creativity in other areas of my life.

I must admit that editing software job aids is not doing it for me just now. Sue me.

I'll be taking all of the photos with my iPhone, and posting them all over cyberspace: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr... by God, everywhere!

Anyway, the prompt for Day 1 is "Your view today". Actually, this is my view pretty much every weekday, so... here you go.


Now for Day 2. The prompt is "Words". Hmm, did I mention I'm editing a bunch of software job aids just now? Well, I won't post a shot of that work, because it's not public info yet and I'm fond of my job, but here's a shot of a bunch of other words.


And finally, Day 3: Hands. Care for a bite of apple?


Okay, I'm caught up. For now.