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A Letter to My Mom, from My Pop at War

Today's prompt for the February Photo-A-Day is "Handwriting." When I saw that prompt, I knew exactly what I wanted to post -- this snippet from a letter that my Pop sent to my Mom while he was at sea during World War II.


Only one page remains of this letter, but it makes me teary every time I read it. I know Pop's handwriting isn't the most legible, so here is a transcript of the last paragraph.

Don't get worried if you don't hear from me because it may be quite a time before I can write post another letter but will mail one at every opportunity, however don't feel that because you don't hear from me that I don't love you and you keep right on writing. So until the next letter don't forget I love you dearly and miss you so very very much. Joe

(Yes, my Pop's name was Joe.)