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Unconscious Mutterings, At Long Last

I have not done Unconscious Mutterings in a very very long time, but there's no time like the present!

In this meme, you're supposed to write the first thing that comes to mind upon reading the word -- kind of an online word association.

(Once upon a time, I took a suite of aptitude tests that included word association. The tester gave me a bunch of words and I responded with my first thought. One of the words was "ham," to which I replied "what am," because my Pop always always always referred to that particular pork product as "Ham What Am." Naturally, I had to see where he stole  heard that particular phrase. I am not surprised by this result, knowing my Pop.)

But I digress. On with the Mutterings!

 I say, and you think:

  1. Every day :: In every way
  2. Rinsed :: Repeated
  3. Funeral :: Home
  4. Whitening :: Brightening
  5. I am :: That I am
  6. Cooperate :: Collaborate
  7. Blazer :: Chevy
  8. Valley :: Forge
  9. Difficult :: Hard
  10. Service :: Entrance

Okay, that just goes to show that I am... something or other. I think it says something about my fashion sense that I thought of a truck before I thought of a jacket with "blazer." Associating "funeral" with "home" is kinda macabre, but at least the "I am" -- "That I am"  pairing is spiritual.