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So. I'm sixty. I hear "Gee, you don't look sixty!" Well, here's what sixty looks like.


I know that I'm younger than a lot of you, but I've never been sixty before. Five years 'til Medicare! (I hope.)

I used to marvel at the inventions and times and events that my Mom experienced during her amazingly long life, so I thought about what I've experienced in sixty years. Here are a few that spring to mind.

  • Computers evolved from huge mainframes to tiny phones that have more memory and storage than anyone thought possible. Oh, then there's the internet.
  • I was in sixth grade when the Beatles conquered America. I never saw them live, but I did get to see The Who (when they'd smash up their instuments), Led Zeppelin (they opened for The Who), the Dead, Jefferson Airplane (not Starship!), The Doors, and so on and on and on.
  • Cars went from huge steel behemoths to... huge SUVs. (Heh.) I suffered through the first gas crisis, when prices jumped up to a dollar a gallon! I remember telling a good friend that I would never pay $1.50 a gallon for gas; that was inconceivable!
  • We watched the launch of the first Mercury spacecraft in school. Every class had a TV set up so that we could all see Alan Shepard become the first man in space.
  • I got to run away and join the circus -- three of the most fun, frustrating, hard, and wonderful years of my life. To talk to my family, I found a pay phone and called collect, wrote letters and got some back, care of General Delivery, wherever we were.

I've witnessed births and deaths, voted for presidents and marched against wars. I loved my share of boys, and I like to think that some of them loved me back. I've had wonderful adventures; I've had horrible experiences. I married my true love and raised a beautiful boy into a handsome man.

It all -- the good and the bad -- makes me what I am, sixty years into my life.

I have made wonderful friends over sixty years -- my age, older, and younger than me. Thanks to Facebook (another amazement!) and eCards and the US mail, loads of you have sent me birthday wishes. Thank you all; I love you all.