Pull Up Your Goddamn Pants: Feminine Edition
Shameless Promotion

Old Friends and Birthdays

Last night I met my high-school pals for dinner and yakking and laughing.

And celebrating birthdays.

January is a big month for birthdays in this groups. Of the seven of us who regularly get together, four of us (including yours truly) have birthdays in January. This is a milestone year, too -- we are turning 60.

I have to pause and let that sink in.

Six. Tee. Years. Old.


Gimme a minute.







Anyway! We had a blast, as we always do. After a delicious dinner at a great Asian restaurant, we gathered at one friend's home for cake and coffee. And what a cake -- homemade Buche de Noel!


Three of the gals brought cards for us birthday broads. I got the following sentiments:

Card #1: The outside says "There's an amount of wine that will make you say, 'Damn, I'm a great dancer!'" The inside says, "It's your birthday. Please dance responsibly."

Card #2: The outside has pictures of all sorts of adult beverages - martinis, margaritas, pina coladas, glasses of wine, mugs of beer - and says, "Twist, chill, mix, garnish, stir, brew, shake." The inside says, "It's your birthday. Make it good."

Card #3: The outside says, "Wow, a child of the '60s is turning 60!" The inside says, "Wanna do some ANTACID?"

Do you think they know me pretty well? I do.

We are a damn good looking bunch of broads.