Three Score
Unconscious Mutterings, At Long Last

Hockey Talk

Holy smokes! The Habs are leading the Red Wings by a score of 5 to 0, and it's only the start of the second period! On paper, the Red Wings should be in charge of this game. Such is not the case so far. If this keeps up, I will not earn another hat trick in the NHL Hat Trick Challenge game on

Speaking of hat tricks, how about that Matty Hatty last night?

Lemme 'splain.

(Unbelievable ! The Habs are up by SIX! My pal Mark is probably in seventh heaven right about now.)

Anyway... we went to the Caps game last night. I had a bad feeling about this game, alas! Three of our best guys, three out of the four Young Guns, were out of the lineup. Greener is recovering sports hernia surgery, Nicky is recovering from a concussion (the result of a dirty hit), and Ovie is serving a three-game suspension for a bad hit (not dirty, but bad).

Our opponent? The Boston Bruins, the defending Stanley Cup champions, currently in second place in the Eastern Conference. I was already pissed off at Tim Thomas, their goalie. Why? Well, the Bruins were invited to the White House yesterday to meet the president and be congratulated on their Stanley Cup win. Timmy -- who is a confirmed tea party supporter -- opted not to go because he doesn't agree with President Obama's policies.

You know, fine. Disagree with the man; disagree with the policies. That's what being an American is all about. But respect the office and show up. It's an honor for the team; he should have gone.

So naturally I was all set to boo Mr. Tea Party Thomas, as is my right as an American. So naturally the Bruins put Tuuka Rask in net.

Denied! Oh well.

But I digress.

Even with the top guys, my Caps have not been stellar this season. We are battling for the lead in our division and holding on by the thinnest of skate blades to a playoff spot. Every game is crucial at this point.

The game was exciting -- the Bruins scored first, but the Caps tied it, then took the lead. The Bruins tied it; we took back the lead. Repeat. Repeat again. Finally, an empty-net goal sealed the win: Caps 5, Bruins 3.

But here's the thing. Cutie pie Mathieu Perrault scored three of those five goals, for a hat trick.

As soon as Matty scored the third goal, Joe leapt up and flung his hat toward the ice. Whether it actually made it all the way there is up for discussion; our seats are in nose-bleed territory so that hat would have had to sprout wings and fly, but maybe some kind fan or two helped it along.

Matty was rewarded after the game with a shaving cream pie in the face. Oh, that Ovie!