Christmas Eve

The Sky Is Golden

It's been raining all day -- the only day of the week that I had to drive, of course. To make matters more annoying, the reason I had to drive was to go to a dentist appointment!

I kid. I have a great dentist, so I really don't mind going.

Well, Christmas One was wonderful. I knocked it out of the park with Joe's big gift: an iPhone 4. (Did you see the hint in this entry? Read the first letters of the first six sentences. And the first word in the seventh sentence is "for". I'm so clever!)

But Joe knocked it out of the park with my big gift: a Sony Cyber-shot camera. I love it! (I broke my little Olympus when I dropped it onto the concrete at Fedex Field a few weeks ago.)

We had a lovely, quiet day. We did get out -- we tried to go to the movies Christmas afternoon. Alas! Every show we wanted to see was sold out. But the day was beautiful and we had a nice drive. When we got home, I fixed Cornish hens, stuffing, and veggies for a sort-of Christmas dinner.

Tomorrow, though, SonnyeBoy arrives home for Christmas Two! I have a turkey breast stashed in the fridge, and all the makings for pumpkin pie. I have to pick up another box of stuffing and some cranberry sauce, and voila! Christmas Two Dinner!

Anyway... as I said, it's been raining all day. But a few minutes ago, I looked up to see a rainbow in the east, arching in front of the clouds.


And a bright golden sky in the west, as the sun had the last word of the day.


Hurray for new cameras!