I Just Wanted To Get Away
Baked and Decorated

The Decoration Plan

I have not done one iota of Christmas shopping yet, but I am going to do all of it in the next few days. I'm hopeful that everything will arrive in time! (Some of it will because it will be handed to me.)

The house remains undecorated, but I have decided that this weekend is Decoration Weekend, when I will find and set up the wee tree that we have had the last couple of years, get a wreath, place the Christmasy figurines and knick-knacks and ornaments, and drape the silver beads along the bannister.

I may even hang the Methodist bells, if I can find enough of them.

Such is the nature of my Christmas decorations -- slapdash and Methodist!

Actually, the Methodist bells are a bunch of knitted bells with ribbons on top. They are about two and a half inches long, some red and some green, some with a little jingle bell inside, most with a sequin or two. My Aunt Ruth knitted them for the Methodist church bazaar many many many many years ago, but there were a lot leftover, so she gave to my Mom. Mom put them up every year along her bannister.

I inherited a bunch of them, and have been hanging them on our Christmas tree, when we had an actual, live, tall tree. Since we now have the wee Target tree, I think I'll hang them from the silver beads and jazz up that aspect of the decor.

We also have a Christmasy  bear in a rocking chair. It was to be a musical chair, but the musical part separated itself from the chair sometime in the distant past.

And we have Kringle Bear. KB is a very nice, very soft stuffed polar bear with a red toque. He was a prize that we got as a result of spending some godawful amount of money at a department store that is now out of business.

I'll also drape some sparkly garland around my new Caps bobbleheads (Brooks Laich, Mike Knuble, and Nicklas Backstrom), which (I hope) will add a sporty touch. Maybe they will also start winning consistently!

If all this decorating actually gets accomplished, I promise to post some pictures.