I Doubt They'll Have a Drive-In Though

Now The Wrapping Begins

I got Joe's final Christmas gift today.

Probably, he won't guess what it is.

Hopefully, he will like it!

On the other hand, he can exchange it if he doesn't.

Nevertheless, it's a pretty cool present!

Especially since I got a great deal on it.

For once, my Christmas shopping is done before Christmas Eve! Now I just have to wrap everything up -- for Joe, anyway. Alas, SonnyeBoy must protect and serve on Christmas Day, so we will miss him. We were hoping that Joe would not have to work on Boxing Day -- again alas!

My older sister has invited him for Christmas at her house, so he will still get a chance to celebrate with a nice big dinner and plenty of family.

Even though we won't be together on December 25th, we will be together on December 28th. SonnyeBoy will come home for his three days off, take in a Caps game with Joe, open his presents, and eat pie. And we will love him up to a fare-thee-well.

So we'll have Christmas twice, and that's okay with me.