Pull Up Your Goddamn Pants: Middle-Aged Man Edition

Long Nights Moon

It's a full moon tonight; the Long Nights Moon.

An apt name for this time of year, when it gets dark by late afternoon and stays dark until seven the next morning.

Long nights, and dark, even with a full moon shining down. It's gotten cold here at last, enough to make you want to snuggle under a blanket and sleep away this long night.

The full moon craziness is infecting everyone. The drivers are nuts and the shoppers are belligerent. Work is mean and hard-edged as the end of the year looms. Events of the day soured my mood. I'm unable to provide cheer.

It'll get better, I know. It's the weekend. I'm baking cookies tomorrow with some friends. The sparkling Christmas lights will pierce the dark and fill my heart with happiness. And soon it will be Christmas, and we will love each other.

But tonight it's just the Long Nights Moon, sailing coldly through the sky.