The Sky Is Golden
New Year's Day


Here it is, the last day of the year.

I'm not going to do a lot of looking back, except to acknowledge that it was a hard year. But now, according to the calendar, it's over. I take a deep breath and look forward to getting together with family tonight, to eat and toast and ring in 2012.

I have hope.

I hope that work goes well, for Joe and for me and for SonnyeBoy. (Especially SonnyeBoy.)

I hope that we all stay healthy and get healthier. (I will try, anyway.)

I hope I finish some way overdue personal projects. (Yes, that one.)

I hope we don't have any major home repairs this year (a new heating/AC system and a new roof were plenty, thanks).

I hope I win the lottery! (I better buy a ticket.)

I hope my Capitals make the playoffs. (I have lowered my expectations this year, but they are still my team.)

I hope that the world doesn't end on December 21. (Or if it does, that I have a good seat.)

I hope that the people of this country realize that we're all in this together. (And the leaders, whether re-elected or newly elected act accordingly.)

I hope I laugh a lot this year. (I hope I make a lot of other people laugh, too.)

I hope that everyone has a very Happy New Year.