The Decoration Plan
Bark and Bite

Baked and Decorated

Well, mroe or less. I still have a batch of cookies to bake. I am a little hinky about these cookies because they require rolling out and cutting with cookie cutters. The dough is currently getting nice and cold in the fridge. It tastes great -- maple-y and rich. I splurged and used some Kerrygold Irish butter, which is so tasty I have to resist just straight up eating it.

See, I am not good at rolling dough. It always sticks, no matter how much flour I throw dump sprinkle on it. I was ecstatic when I discovered that you could put a lump of dough between two sheets of wax paper and then roll it. I was even happier when I discovered those sheets of ready made pie crust! I have never been able to make pie crust. My older sister has that skill; her pie crust is perfect.

But I am game to try, so wish me luck. I feel like I might actually succeed with these cookies, because I had great success earlier today with a batch of chocolate chip cookies. I KNOW -- not my Mom's recipe! Heresy! But I didn't have any Crisco, so I went looking for an alternative on Smitten Kitchen, my favorite cooking blog, and found these. I did change it up very slightly, using half white chocolate chips and half semisweet, because I'm an iconoclast.

Actually, I just like white chocolate a lot.

I also did a modicum of decorating, as promised in my last post. Alas! I could not find the Methodist bells. Perhaps they left the church and became atheist bells, but in any case they are missing bells. My idea for the bobbleheads worked out though!


Go Caps!