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Here are some vignettes from the past week.

Once a Mom, always a Mom.

Last Monday morning, it was 33 degrees. That is, in a word, cold. Most people with a modicum of common sense would wear warm clothes: long sleeves, jackets, hats, that sort of thing. Alas, there are those who do not possess common sense, like this young woman on the Metro:


I really wanted to wag my finger at her and say, "Put on some goddamn shoes and socks!! You'll catch your death of cold!!" I managed to restrain myself, however.

Joe and the LL Bean Stock

Joe had gotten himself a job at LL Bean and bid adieu to Lord and Taylor. LL Bean is really more our style, so he is looking forward to this new position. As am I -- I get to use the employee discount too! (It is a dandy discount, too.) Although Joe looks damn good in a suit, he will be a lot more comfortable in khakis and a nice LL Bean shirt. They even allow employees to wear shorts! LL Bean shorts, to be sure, but still. Shorts!

I Miss Summer

As the weather gets colder and the nights get longer, I dig up pictures from summer, when the sun set after 8:30 and lit up the sky...


Goin' Mobile

Joe has great ideas for Sunday excursions, especially on beautiful autumn days. Today we went down to the East Wing of the National Gallery of Art -- Joe wanted to see the exhibit of Antico bronzes from the Renaissance and the immense and amazing Pastrano tapestries. They were wonderful, of course, but I still love the huge Alexander Calder mobile.


Moving Through Sparkles

The East and West Wings of the National Gallery of Art are connected by an underground passage with a moving sidewalk -- it is a work of art in and of itself.


We enjoyed the West Wing too -- we visited our favorites and took in some new exhibitions. I'm grateful that I have such an energetic husband, otherwise I would turn into a complete lump.

Ukulele Progress

I am still practicing the ukulele. So far I have almost mastered Everyone Says I Love You. I still have a little trouble going with the D minor 7th chord and the bridge between verses, but it is coming along. I am also practicing You've Got A Friend In Me, which is pretty easy but which has a tricky opening riff. Once I get that one down, I'm moving on to Sweet Caroline and White Sandy Beach.

This is Tim Thomas

Lately my favorite commercials have been the Discover card commercials featuring Peggy of USA Prime Credit. This one is especially funny, especially if you're a hockey fan: