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Another Fine Mess I've Gotten Myself Into

Kindergarten Nun

Okay! I found it!

Here is the picture of my kindergarten graduation class.


And yep, that's me in the nun's habit, sitting across from the mini-monsignor. Real Monsignor Kennedy is that big priest in the back.

Here's a closer view of me.


Now that's a habit! It was accurate in every detail, from the starched wimple and bib to the big old crucifix dangling down my midsection.

I don't remember much about that day, except I felt pretty privileged about being chosen to be Mini-Mother Bernadette. I do remember standing up to give a speech, which began "We, the Class of 1958..." and went on to say something about parents and teachers, I suppose. I really don't remember!

The only other time I was threatened with wearing the habit was Vocation Day in... seventh grade, I think. I didn't get chosen that day, thank goodness. In fact, I think -- but I'm not sure -- that only the eighth grade girls got to model the habits that day.

Ah, Vocation Day! I remember it as a day when the boys were separated from the girls. Then we had speakers about the three major vocations: married life, single life, and religious life. Guess which one got the biggest push?

Yep. Religious life. We got the full court press on why being a nun -- especially a Sister of the Immaculate Heart of Mary -- was the way to go. The aforementioned girls modeled the different habits: postulant (apprentice nun), novice (journeyman nun), and full-fledged professional nun. I was totally into it, but I wanted to be a Carmelite. They seemed holier than the other nuns, plus they wore sandals.