Weekend In The Mountains
Art Appreciation

Busiest Weekend Ever

I have been tossed about by a veritable social whirlwind the last few days. Where to begin? How about Saturday?

Joe and I picked up the lovely and talented Deb Siobhan and tootled off down to the Renaissance Festival. We saw many wonderful sights -- including the shows -- while we were there, including this satyr-ical fellow that we spotted while we waited in the medieval ATM line.


We decided that he was not an employee of the Festival because he was busily smoking a cigarette and staggering a little. True, he was on stilts, but I think there were other contributing factors. Anyway, we drank medieval mead and cider and beer, I ate a medieval corned beef and cheese sandwich, and Joe bought some medieval plastic devil horns. And a good time was had by all!

Saturday night we (less Deb) we headed down to another good people-watching venue -- Verizon Center for the Caps game versus the Ottawa Senators. It was great, of course, and the Caps won their fourth straight. Then home, bed, up, and off to my sister's house to go to the tailgating extravaganza that is the Redskins game.


Take a good look at this picture, because it is not often that you will see my darling beer-snob husband drinking a Bud Lite. Any port in a storm, however, especially since the Redskins lost.

Ah well. We went out to TGI Friday's for a sorrows-drowning dinner, then parted ways with my sister and brother-in-law and headed home to relax and watch Boardwalk Empire.

Then sleep, for Monday would come way too soon.