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Another Fine Mess I've Gotten Myself Into

Some odd form of madness took hold of me this morning. The Big Boss sent one of his inspirational emails about how public speaking skills are very valuable and in fact required for doing good marketing, and listed some Toastmasters Tips for good speakers. Then he closed the email by stating that we would all have "opportunities" to practice said skills.

And right after I read that, some synapse in my brain sparked and fried and I recklessly offered to give my "Seven Lessons from the Circus" keynote speech to the group. Why? Maybe I just wanted to go first and get it over with, or maybe it was my primal suck-up response kicking in.

At any rate, I hit Send. He replied pretty much instantaneously with "WONDERFUL". When you get a response in all caps like that, you know you're on the hook.

So now I have to dig up that presentation and practice it and give it. Goddammit.

On the other hand, I really enjoy public speaking, unlike many people. I've given presentations, keynote speeches, classroom training, blah blah blah. As long as I'm prepared, I'm cool with it. I'm even pretty good at winging it -- like incorporating previous speakers stuff into my presentation. The thing is, I've kinda hidden that particular light under a bushel at work, mostly because I rather prefer flying under the radar. I do good work, meet my deadlines, make suggestions, but I don't go around promoting myself. I've never been good at that -- must be that Catlick humility training.

But sometimes you have to take a chance, hold your nose, and jump. Just make sure your parachute's working and pucker up.