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Shared Memories

Last Saturday night I went to my 45th grade school reunion. I had a great time! As Joe and I walked into the Emerald Room at the K of C Hall, I was a little nervous. But almost as soon as I stepped through the door, Pat Ryan looked at me and said, "Mary Wise!" And immediately we were off to the races with the catching up and the remembering and the laughing and the... Read more →

It's Late

Letterman's just begun and I am awake; have been all evening. Nope, not even a sleepy-eyed nod off on the sofa. I used to stay up way late at night during my circus days, especially the first year when I helped tear down the big top. I'd finish the second show, change my clothes and take off my makeup, and head into the tent to haul quarter poles. After that I'd hang out until time... Read more →

Feeling Poorly

I've been feeling pretty poorly for the last few days. I started feeling this cold coming on a week ago Tuesday, just as the monsoon moved into the area. I called in sick a week ago and slept/dozed most of the day. Thursday I went to work, but left at 2:00 because pretty much all I could do was stare at my screen and sniffle, with the occasional cough. Joe and I were planning to... Read more →

Enough Already

Holy smokes, the sun is out! I am so sick of rain. We have had nonstop rain, rain, rain, and rain for the last week! We've had sprinkles, drizzles, torrential downpours, thunderstorms, light rain, heavy rain, and every kind of rain you can think of. Streets have flooded. Trees have fallen. Sandbags have been distributed. People have been caught in rushing water. Umbrellas are the latest hot accessory. And we -- having just spent six... Read more →

Thanks for Visiting; I Miss You

This afternoon I took a nap in front of the TV set. The PBS series Moguls and Movie Stars was on. I had one of my surreal dreams - I know, all dreams are surreal. In the dream, I was watching the exact episode of Moguls and Movie Stars that was on. Now that's not so inexplicable; my brain simply transferred what my ears were already hearing into the dream. Anyway, I was sitting on... Read more →

Sunday Stealing: 20 Questions of Doom

It's Labor Day weekend, I am feeling quite lazy (thank you, Flexiril), and so it's once again time for Sunday Stealing. I have no idea why this edition is called the "20 Questions of Doom", but what the hell. (Get it? Doom? Hell? All right, be that way.) Speaking of hell, I learned how to play "Hell" by the Squirrel Nut Zippers on my ukulele. It's only two chords! 1. Do you believe in Heaven?... Read more →