Another Stolen Sunday
So... Yeah, Hi!

What to Do?

Just our luck! We spend a shitpile of cash on a new A/C system and the weather decides to turn perfect -- or so the forecast predicts.

Heh. I do not mind. It's nice to be able to choose to shut off the A/C and throw open the windows.

At the moment, it's still pretty warm. Our little feral cat is stretched out on the back stoop, being lazy, and I am inclined to do the same thing.

Be lazy, that is. I don't think stretching out on the back stoop is in the cards for me.

On the other hand, I could make something tasty, like pralines or rice krispie treats. Being able to turn on the oven without worrying about baking myself as well as what's in it -- that's a real boon of A/C, let me tell you.

Then again, the season finale of So You Think You Have Pants Can Dance is on in a few minutes, and I am eager to see who will win the title of America's Favorite Dancer! Will it be Melanie or Sasha? Tadd or Marko? I do not know! Tonight the Top Four will dance a lot; tonight America will vote; tomorrow America finds out who wins!

Perhaps I can do both. Prepare a treat AND ogle the dancers. I'll have to think about that!

Another thing I am thinking about is whether to attend the 45th reunion of my grade school class.

You read that right. Grade school. It's $40 per person! It's in the K of C hall! I haven't seen most of these people in about, oh... 45 years!

Forty. Five. Years.

How can I be so old as to have graduated from eighth grade 45 years ago? Seems impossible, yet there it is. On the one hand, almost all of these people will pretty much be complete strangers, albeit with some shared experiences and memories -- Sister Cecilius (or "Cecil" as we so kindly called her) and her underbite and halitosis, Sister Leon with her scary urban legends, Sister Saint David who was about 12 feet tall, Sister Mary I Forget, who we freaked out with our eighth grade rebellion of getting up and marching around the classroom...

Well, I've got two more days to decide. What do you think? Go or no go?