Stolen Sunday
Pull Up Your Goddamn Pants: Cargo Pants Edition


DC is rapidly becoming a food truck town, and I ain't talking hot dogs here. While it's true that the wienie roach coach is ubiquitous, especially around the National Mall, there are plenty of upscale food trucks as well, including Korean Barbeque, Southern Barbeque, Cupcakes, Pizza, Gourmet Sandwiches, and the Big Daddy of them all, the Lobster Truck.

I have been dying to get a lobster roll from the Red Hook Lobster Pound truck for ages, but my whereabouts and the truck's whereabouts never seemed to intersect. So when I heard that the company had arranged for a whole bunch of food trucks to park along the driveway (they called it the "Food Truck Fiesta"), I was sooooo there.


That's the lobster truck, fourth from the left. Naturally, the line for the lobsters was longest, but it did not deter me. It's kinda pricey, but that did not deter me either. I ponied up my 18 bucks for a Maine Lobster combo, including an authentic lobster roll, Cape Cod chips, and Maine root soda (Vanilla Cream for me!), and added another couple bucks for a Whoopie Pie for dessert. (The line at the Curbside Cupcakes was also long, and I was disinclined to wait any longer.)


Boy, was it good. Big chunks of tender lobster barely dressed with mayo and shreds of lettuce, crispy chips, and cold soda can really taste good on a perfect hot summer day. Yes, it was hot, but there was pretty much no humidity. It was actually pleasant to sit outside in the shade of the courtyard with friends and enjoy my lobster roll.

It's probably a good thing that Red Hook doesn't come to my neck of the DC woods all that often. I'd go broke very quickly. But once in awhile -- oh hell yeah!