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DC is rapidly becoming a food truck town, and I ain't talking hot dogs here. While it's true that the wienie roach coach is ubiquitous, especially around the National Mall, there are plenty of upscale food trucks as well, including Korean Barbeque, Southern Barbeque, Cupcakes, Pizza, Gourmet Sandwiches, and the Big Daddy of them all, the Lobster Truck. I have been dying to get a lobster roll from the Red Hook Lobster Pound truck for... Read more →

Stolen Sunday

It is just now nine o'clock in the morning. The temperature is already 88 degrees and it feels like 94. It's too goddamn hot to think, therefore I shall do today's Sunday Stealing meme before I take Joe to work and escape to someplace -- anyplace -- that's air conditioned. 1. Tell us about something that made you laugh last night. The friendly barista at the heavily air conditioned Starbucks who asked me for a... Read more →

Heat and Humidity

It's plenty hot around here, but the next couple of days promise to be real cookers -- highs at or over 100 with heat indices around 110. Oh goody. We had a taste of this atmospheric soup back in late May, but the rest of this summer has not been all that bad. Seriously -- compared to last summer, it's been a delightful season. Every time we hit the mid- or upper 90s, it was... Read more →

Along the Trail of the Lonesome Wine

This morning I googled "Maryland Wineries" and found a lovely site that describes several wine trails throughout my lovely state. Given that it was a beautiful day -- probably the last before the next wave of high heat and stifling humidity -- we took off to explore the Frederick Wine Trail. (Want pictures? Here's the Flickr set!) Our first stop was Black Ankle Vineyards, a lovely place in the middle of the woods. We took... Read more →

Ten Memories About My Pop

Today is my Pop's birthday -- he would be 103 years old if he were alive. My father was funny, mean, loving, alcoholic, smart, reserved, generous... I guess you could say he was complex. I have good and bad memories of him, but since it's his birthday today, I'll share ten good ones: He used to sing to my younger sister and me -- prison songs and old blues, mostly. He told us stories too.... Read more →

Rainy Night Love List

It's fixin' to be a rainy, stormy night. We've already had one taste of a downpour, but more is evidently in store. Time for a love list -- not necessarily one related to rain, but just because. I love: Italian Ice on a hot afternoon. Well, anytime actually. Friday Night Lights. I am going to miss this show so much. Little perfect moments in TV shows that indicate great acting -- like one in season... Read more →

The Aztec God of Flight

Meet Billy Barton, aka Mr. Sensation. I met Billy in 1976, my first year running around with circuses. He was an amazing person and I adored him. Billy was in his late forties in 1976 and still doing his signature cloud swing act, as Prince Najvez, the Aztec God of Flight. It was a wonderful, scary, exhilarating act. A cloud swing is kind of like a trapeze, only it does not have a fixed bar... Read more →